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Fire: Quakertown, PA – Cityline Brought in – Cityline Construction

Fire Restoration Solution – April, 2017

The fire started in this log cabin home after a malfunction in the oil burner. The flames were noticed quickly and the fire department was notified and on the scene to put out the blaze. The firefighters were able to contain the fire to one part of the house, however the home suffered extensive smoke damage. To properly remove the smoke damage, the home needed to be gutted to ensure the safety of any future occupant. Another demolition company was initially hired by the home owner to handle the demolition and restoration. This company finished most of the interior demolition work in the home.

Because the home is mostly additions added over time to the original log cabin, it made estimating and defining the home for reconstruction much more difficult. It is because of this complexity that Cityline construction was contacted and put in charge of the restoration.  We are happy to coordinate the restoration of this home and to work with the home owners to meet their needs and expectations. We will working with the owners and the insurance moving forward to continue the restoration and reconstruction of this home.

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