"...They are often called upon in an emergency situation."

Cityline is often called upon by the city of Allentown to assist in securing properties after a disaster. They're quick to stabilize a situation and begin reconstruction asap.

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"...The only ones I would allow to work on the building."

Harvey Z. Radd Realtors trusts no one else but Cityline for disaster restoration work. After a fire at their headquarters, Cityline was quick to get them back up and running.

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"...They act as a real advocate for their customers."

Insurance claims can be a headache after losing your home to a disaster. Cityline handles the paper work, reducing the stress on you.

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"...We knew with Cityline that we would be made whole."

When Bethlehem Brew Works was stuck with a debilitating fire at the height of their business, Cityline stepped in and kept their doors open through the holiday season.

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"...We have a beautiful new home because of Cityline."

Cityline Construction also focuses efforts on new home construction. Richard Somach is the proud owner of an award winning custom home courtesy of Cityline.

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