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Cityline Construction began over 20 years ago, starting with fire restoration services in the area of Allentown, PA. Since then, we’ve expanded to restoration services of all types – from mold remediation to sinkholes. Being in this business for so long comes with experience and we’ve encountered every different outcome. Each situation is different and we tailor our services to the specific instance. We can provide a solution to your problem, no matter how complicated.


We’ve broken down our restoration process, starting with the first sign of damage. Below is a guide to provide you with information about rebuilding your home and your life.

Getting You Comfortable

  • Ensuring your safety, make sure everyone was unharmed, including your pets.
  • Determine what type of insurance policy you have and contact your insurance representative.
  • Identify which of your belonging are most valuable to salvage from an insurance standpoint in accordance with your policy obligations
  • If needed, provide you with a place to stay, complete with furnishings for your comfort

Loss Valuation

  • After contacting your insurance company, an insurance adjuster will come to your damaged house to take a statement and find out what happened. It is also during this time that your insurance policy becomes a binding contract. Though we do not formally represent you, we will be there as a valuation consultant and may recommend a public adjuster if your case warrants it.
  • A cause inspector will come in and determine exactly what happened.
  • The next step is to determine the scope of repairs. Your insurance company will prepare an estimate and give you proposals from contractors. We will review the proposal and have them adjust it accordingly so you receive what you are owed.
  • Once the scope of repairs is complete, we will walk through the damage with our project manager to review what needs to be done. The project manager will be with you through the entire process. We’ll be flexible to help you accomplish your goals.


Initial Consultation – To rebuild, there is an initial consultation between Cityline and the client. We determine the design, colors, and functionality of your property. We will use new, cutting edge material on the market and create an energy efficient home and also increase the property value.

Investment Evaluation – There will be an evaluation of the investment overall. This lets us know where we are in terms of rebuilding.

Preliminary Meeting – You’ll meet with architects to discuss your house; what you liked about it, and what you may have not liked about it. In this meeting, we will identify problematic issues of your home and determine your wish list. Perhaps you always wanted to knock out a wall to create a more open floor plan. This is the time to design your new home.

Begin Permit Process – The permit process will begin and you’ll be introduced to your point of contact throughout the process. You will be involved as much or as little as you want to be.

Quality Assurance

  • New builds get a 1 year warranty (many contractors don’t give warranties)
  • Touch ups
  • Move in, get comfortable make a note of any issues
  • We’ll come back in and touch up everything
  • Deliver all closing reports (particularly commercial)
  • Return to your life

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