Water Damage

Fall Loss Prevention

by Thomas Williams, JrNovember 10th, 2015

Fall is the best time for regular home maintenance

Before the big chill of winter sets in, ensure your heating system is running efficiently.  Also, did you know that a top ten fire hazard in the home is as seemingly benign as lint build up in the dryer?
The team at Cityline Construction, Allentown, wants to help you prevent some of the most common home-owners’ headaches, from freezing pipes to a leaking roof.
·         Drain outdoor hoses and shut outdoor water valves.

·         Wrap and insulate indoor water pipes.

·         Inspect furnace or heating system and change all filters.

·         Check & weatherize all windows & doors.

·         Inspect your roof or call an expert.

·         Cover air conditioning unit

·         Check and update smoke detectors

·         Check your dryer’s exhaust tube and vent for lint and debris.

·         Inspect fire extinguishers and update first aid kits.

·         Clean chimney and fireplace.

·         Clean your gutters, another small but common reason for water damage in the winter is freezing, and defrosting gutters.


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