Cityline Rebuilds Town-homes – Whitehall, PA

Severe Fire Damage Restoration

By: Jake L

Whitehall Townhome Fire

(Amy Herzog – Photo/Frank Warner – Article, Morning Call)

July 2016:

In Whitehall, Pa, a fire started in the middle of six townhouses. The hot 80+ degree summer weather that day resulted in the fire quickly spreading to the connecting townhouses and completely engulfing them as well. The fire destroyed all six townhouses. Almost all the residents made it out of their homes; unfortunately, some pets were not able to make it out.

Our condolences are still extended to the families that did lose beloved pets in the fire. We know words do little to ease the pain you feel when loved pets are taken away from us. We hope that you keep their memories close to your heart and that comfort and peace may come to you.

Cityline was contracted to provide emergency services for five of the six townhouses. Our field staff worked with each of the families to recover irreplaceable items and heirlooms from the houses. We were able to successfully recover a wedding dress from one of the houses for the family to restore and keep. For these three homes we helped out the owners by purchasing the houses. This allowed them to move to locations that better suited their current life and hopefully would allow them to find peace.


To get a quick start on the restoration, we brought in our in-house demolition crew to expedite the clean-up process. Systematically, we went through the homes and cleaned out the rubble inside each of them. The extent of the damage meant almost all of the homes needed to be gutted completely with the second floors requiring complete demolition.

While we were stripping the homes, our in-house architect laid out the new plans for the interiors of the homes. We wanted to create modern townhomes that would be more space efficient and energy efficient. Using our framing, painting and carpeting installation crews we went to work rebuilding the homes. This included rewiring the home and adding in the new water, sewage and drain lines. Our electricians worked with our architects to make sure that electrical sockets would not be buried behind beds.

With the skeleton of the home up and awaiting drywall, our interior design crew went to town with the place. In most of the rooms, plush carpeting was laid down, making the rooms welcome to any bare foot. To compliment the carpeting and the paint used, our team installed oak railings in the entryway to allow any resident coming home to feel like they are entering their own personal palace. The kitchen cabinet and appliance colors were chosen with the eye of a trained expert as the room flows together in a tornado of good vibrations.



Overall the work done in the interior of the home was very impressive. However, as any home owner will tell you, the outside of a home is often just as important and neglecting it has major consequences. At Cityline we take care of the whole home, including the exterior. To this extent, we reworked the landscaping, the walkway and the steps into the house. We also rebuild the back porch on the houses for those joyful summer barbecues. The exterior walls were chosen to match the rest of the neighborhood and to give the homes a tasteful finish.

Cityline construction is set to finish renovation on the houses and cleanup on each of the five Whitehall townhouses two months ahead of its competitor. We look forward to having happy tenants or home owners living in these houses as we feel they are more than just habitable, they are welcoming.

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