Emergency Services: Whitehall, PA – Cityline Called for Oil Spill – Cityline Construction

Oil Spill Remediation and Restoration – June, 2017

Cityline was contacted by ABC heating and cooling to help out with an oil spill that was quickly getting out of hand. ABC had initially been called on site when it was reported that one of the heating oil storage tanks was leaking. After they assessed the situation they contacted us. The failure was in the pipe leading into the heating tank in the basement where the heating oil was pooling. The oil was creating a terrible and hazardous stench throughout the entire home. We went to work right away with restoring the residential home.

Restoration of the Home:

Because of the hazards involved with the material our crew had to take extra precaution when removing the heating oil. Donning hazmat suits, the heating oil was exfoliated from the basement floor and the odor was exterminated from the home. Along with treating the basement, the upstairs rooms were decontaminated as well; as each of the rooms were treated for odor damage. Afterwards, a special encapsulate with multi levels of coats was applied by a remediation technician to the basement walls and floor. The total work took less than a week to complete as the home is back on the market for any future buyer to enjoy.

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