Water Damage: Allentown, PA – Overflowing Sink – Cityline Construction

Water Damage Solution – December, 2016

A sink overflow just about destroyed this residential home when an overflowing sink spilled over and into the rest of the residential home. The water damage to the property was significant as it started because the origin was on the second floor. This resulted in the water leaking down into the two floors below, with it spreading out to adjoining rooms on each level. When the family returned to their home they found that the entire home was in ruin.  They contacted Cityline Construction for help.



Our crews responded right away by removing the standing water from each affected room in the home. The water sat on the bathroom vinyl for long enough that it needed to be completely replaced. We worked over the holiday weekend to help bring this home back up to pre-flooding standards.  The sub-floorboards in the upstairs rooms were treated to remove any excess squeakiness. As with all of our complete restoration jobs, the contents were packed out, treated, and packed back in.

Once the restoration work was completed we repainted the home and added back in the trim. Cityline Construction responds to your emergency no matter the time or day. We are there to help you out when you need it most. Our mission is to help you get back to your life as soon as you can.

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