Purchase of a Burnt Home – Allentown, PA

Fire Damage Purchasing – July 2016

By: Jake Lasken


What Happened:

A fire that started in the adjoining town house and quickly spread to the upstairs of this apartment. Firefighters responded swiftly to the fire and were able to prevent any further damage to the home. Thankfully no one was home in either home and firefighters were able to save most of the pets in the adjoining apartment.

How Cityline Construction helped right away:

We helped out the home owners by offering them a great price for their property. The home owners were able to use the money from the sale of the home and insurance to move to a location and property that fit their current and future needs better. We helped the family currently living in the home with the moving out process as well, with packing up and tacking out their possessions and salvaging what could from the fire damage.

How Cityline Construction helped with the restoration:

We brought in our team of reconstruction experts to clean the house and tear it down to its studs so reconstruction could begin. We designed the new apartment to be very spacious and to maximize space efficiency. The kitchen was also reworked to be more modern and energy efficient for any and all future tenants. One we finish reconstruction the property will be available to rent. It is a lovely 3-bedroom apartment that we know all future tenants and owners will love.

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