Fire: Macungie, PA – Purchasing Burnt Home – Cityline Construction

Purchasing Solution – August, 2016

While the home owners were out of the home a fire started in the area of the chimney. Fire fighters responded to the emergency quickly and, after a struggle, they were able to put out the fire. The extent of the fire was significant as the entire home would need to be replaced. Cityline construction worked with the homeowners to reach an agreeable price for the home so they would be able to move to a location that better fit their current needs and lifestyle.

After Purchasing:

We went to work right away with the deconstruction and demolition of the interior of the home. Because the fire burned hot most of the home was in need to replacement. Our highly trained crews tore apart the home quickly and removed all the damaged materials. Afterwards reconstruction of the home began swiftly. We focused on keeping the living room open while maximizing the daylight in the room.


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