Restaurant Back in Business – Bethlehem Brew Works

What Happened: In the prime of the busy season, a fire started in the grease shoot of the kitchen. It eliminated the entire kitchen and the basement lounge suffered water damage from the sprinkler system. The fire spanned from the basement to the roof, damaging offices that were located on other floors besides the restaurant.

The Cityline Solution: An internal room was built around the damaged portion of the kitchen to open the remaining portion for cold prep, while cooked food was provided from Brew Works Allentown. The kitchen was replaced and the entire cook line was reengineered to meet current and future needs. The cooking process was improved and preventative measures were put in place. The entire three-story building was restored, including the offices surrounding the restaurant.

After the fire, the kitchen was temporarily functional within a couple days. It was 100% functional within 2 months. The restaurant only lost 2 days of business. Architects, designers and engineers were all part of the team that reconstructed the building after the fire.


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