Water Damage: Bethlehem, PA – Purchasing Waterlogged Home – Cityline Construction

Water Damage Restoration РMarch, 2016

The pipe in the upstairs part of this home broke when no-one was home and caused significant damage to the rest of the home. With the water draining down from the second floor and into the first it destroyed the walls and floors on every level in just about every room. A complete demolition of the interior of the residential home would be needed in order for the home to be habitable once more. With this in mind and not wanting to deal with the headache of trying to have the home repaired the owner sold their property to Cityline Construction.  This allowed them to liquidate the asset and to re-investment the money into something that better fit their current needs.

After we purchased the home we went to work on making the required repairs and adding various upgrades. We brought in our demo crew and tore out the interior of the home. The plumbers fixed the broken pipe helping to prevent any future breaks. The rest of the home was repaired and slightly upgraded over the next couple of months. The house will soon be on the market and available to purchase.


The home has since gone on the market and has been sold but make sure to keep an eye out for other properties that we restore and enrich.

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