Fire Damage: Allentown Bowling Alley Completely Restored

There as a fire that started right outside the building and surprised the visitors and staff alike. The smoke from the fire carried into the building and damaged the lanes. Cityline construction was contracted to help restore the situation.

Smoke Damage Restoration: September, 2017 – Cityline Construction

Our crews responded immediately to the situation. First the debris from the fire were cleared out and properly disposed. The next step was to treat the air in the bowling alley. To help clear the air in the building, a large scale vacuum/ filtration unit was utilized as the vastly open building required a larger machine.

To help assure the integrity of the bowling lanes, each night before work was initiated all the lanes were covered to prevent damage.



Because of the carbon buildup in the ceiling, all the ceiling tiles were replaced to help assure safe air quality for future bowlers. All the devices and surfaces in the facility were decontaminated and detail treated.

Since the smoke from the fire entered through the ventilation system, soot from the fire had coated the ducts in the building. Our crews decontaminated the ventilation system as well to assure the building was clear of all damages.

The alley is smoke and smell free and ready for some birthday parties. All the toxic soot has been removed and the alley is clean and smells fabulous.

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